Friday, October 18, 2013

The Victories, my ongoing creator owned series from Dark Horse comics

The Victories are heroes fighting for and against humanity: for the innocent and against those who secretly rule it. My thought is if there were super heroes, there wouldn't be much need populate the world with super villains as the real world has enough villains already, including those who may be pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Conspiracy is something I'm obsessed with. Notice I didn't say "believe in", I said obsessed with. I think it is the extension of societies fears and anxieties. The way someone has been mugged may feel about walking the street alone, who someone who has been lied or cheated on repeatedly can no longer trust their surroundings or relationships, they are in fact convinced of the worst unseen factors, because now they know those factors are indeed there.

The JFK assassination really triggered this feature of an already untrusting country- untrusting of outsiders, foreigners and built on a gun culture. After Kennedy was shot, suddenly the assassin and the assassins assassin met quick deaths. The House Select Committee on Assassinations found there was likely a conspiracy, but no further investigations were done, E. Howard Hunt, C.I.A. player in the Watergate scandal writes and records a confession to his son that he was the #2 player in the "Big Event" the C.I.A. plan to assassinate JFK where he also names names- nothing was done and few reporters carried the story.

I don't mean to dwell on JFK, I'm just pointing out that when you look closer at these things, they only get you sucked in and make more sense in their spiderweb like mixture of fact and conjecture... add to that the factual history of MK ULTRA LSD mind control experiments, Nazi foundation of NASA and secret testing the government has done on veterans and citizens and its all too easy to begin to believe.

Wow, that was much longer than I expected! The Victories doesn't touch on JFK at all, but I wanted to explain what my interest are that have led to my villains in the Victories being those who may be secretly running or at least influencing the world for some greater sinister purpose. Filter that through the world of comics, add in tons of personal pain and you'll find who the Victories are really battling.

Dark Horse Comics releases the Victories MONTHLY. Our first mini series was called Touched, and the monthly series begins with Transhuman. You can order these through your LCS or directly from Dark Horse Comics here-

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