Saturday, October 12, 2013


This blog is going to be the new home base for my internets. I still have my old site, but most of that is linked to this more manageable blog, I was just never good with managing a full on website.
To the right, you'll find all the links you'll need to keep track of my work, my tumblr site, my twitter feed, commissions and my professional Facebook site.

But here is where you'll find any "announcements" or major updates on projects, and from time to time, just some general nonsense, but mostly work related. So lets get started:

After 13 years of publication, Powers is on its fourth volume now with POWERS: THE BUREAU. If you can't find it in your LCS, you get them digitally at Comixology along with most of my other digital books:

POWERS the series at FX: despite rumors, the Powers show is still alive and very much being worked and reworked at FX, scripts written by Charlie Huston. As of this post, a new draft was just handed in. The Pilot was shot two years ago, it was good but not what we wanted so we've started over and continue to dedicate time and talent to making it what it should be. Fingers crossed.

POWERS will also be teaming up with DARK HORSE COMICS to bring you these neat PVC figures and this Retro Girl Statue!

The Victories is my new creator owned series from DARK HORSE COMICS which I write and draw myself, colors by Nick Filardi of Powers and Takio. If you cannot find it at your LCS you can find it at the DH store here:
There are currently two volumes of the Victories, the original 5 issue mini that explored Faustus origins and the new ongoing series which begins with Victories: Transhuman which explores my love of conspiracies and delves deeper into the other Victories team members.

The second series is complete and available at your LCS, or digitally here:
A great gift for your kids if you want them to read comics- or start reading at all! Its how I got started reading.

Mice Templar has been running for 6 plus years at Image comics. You can get one of the many volumes of Mice Templar at your LCS,  or digitally here:
We are very proud of this series, it continues along its massive mythology/action storyline but will be wrapping up in 2015, so now is a great time to jump on board while you have plenty to catch up on and more to look forward to!

Brian Bendis and I have a new "secret project" we are working on. More on that when we can. Taki Soma and I also have a project or two we are developing, so keep track of her work through her site or her twitter handle @Takisoma
 I have also just finished an issue of ABE SAPIEN written by Scott Allie for Dark Horse comics.


  1. Thanks for sharing these updates!!!

  2. Glad to, thanks for your support!

  3. Oh, this retrogirl statue looks great ! When is this going to be available ?