Thursday, December 18, 2014

POWERS homage to the Shining

We love this film. I'm not sure which we are going to use, What do you think?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Wow, I don't know what to say about the events of NYCCC and unveiling of the Powers trailer, meeting the actors and many behind the scenes helpers, Sony PR and producers at the show and the endless panels and interviews we did at the con. It was one of those moments, where the event we were there for was not only a life-landmark moment, but it also went without a hitch. It was perfect, you couldn't make up a better trip in your mind than what actually happened. I'll keep it brief:

Sony took great care of us. Picked up Taki and I to and fro everywhere we needed to be, always made sure we fed and as comfortable as could be. The first day, I missed a Nerdist event because of traffic and exhaustion (from flying in from the west coast and then sitting in Friday traffic for an hour and half, which was the only "hitch" for the whole trip) but then we had a cocktail party where we met the cast.

But before I talk about the cast, I want to mention two very important people who made this show happen. Our producers Chris Parnell (no, not that Chris Parnell, the other one- no, not that one, the other other one) and David Engel. These are the two that made this happen.
Chris and David:

The Cast party was too dark to take many pics, but later that night Taki and I went to dinner with friends David Mack, David Engel, Powers Editor Jen Grunwald, Alex Maleev, David Mack and Caro.

And then Saturday began early: Makeup for the photo sessions and interviews. Here it was quiet enough to really begin to talk to the cast and everyone was warm and kind from the start. Whatever egos us artists, writers and actors have, we checked them in favor of a working family atmosphere of respect and joy. That sounds goofy but that's as close as I could put it. After photos, we were bused to the con and I got to enjoy the back alley enterence  where I NEVER had to walk on the floor once. That was another world. We did a huge Powers signing with the Powers NYCCC poster where we had to cap a huge line. It was great seeing the other actors who've never done a mass signing before experience this for the first time. Brian was charming with each and every person who got a moment with him, everyone was into it. 
 After that panel, it was onto more interviews before the giant panel where I popped on as a special guest to talk about the comics end of things and made sure Nick Filardi, our colorist and Chris Eliopolis our letterer and editor Jen Grunwald got their names dropped. That was an amazing moment, but my favorite part was watching the cast as they looked up at the back screen projection of the trailer as they saw it for the first time. It brought one of them to tears even, it was really one of those "moments" you are aware of even as you watch it happen.

Behind the scenes, so many people were making this all work!

  Powers, from behind the screen

It was rare, but we got to catch up with some friends, here we are with David Walker!

David Mack art for the show!

Make up!

Sharlto couldn't make it, he was visiting family, so he made a nice video for the fans!

After all of this, Eddie Izzard invited the cast to a show- with reserved seats! It was amazing of course, I've been a long time fan of Eddie since Dressed to Kill and beyond. Also in the audience was Gillian Anderson, we all hung out a bit after the show to say our good-bye's

Before Eddie, we caught up with pals Rob Reilly and Jenna Marquez, we love and miss you cats.

Taki and I got to see other friends for a short time walking the floor on Sunday before we left, we caught up with John Broglia, Bryan and Judy Glass and other friends before hitting a rooftop bar and flying home!!

On the way back, we found ourselves lucky to be sitting with friends on the plane, Josh Williamson and his lovely lady who will have to forgive my mind right now for slipping.

Thank you Sony.... weird, I never imagined I would be saying anything like that. Below is the trailer and some other interviews: