Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Inking samples from about 1989

I was recently doing an interview about comics that changed my life- I had to choose X-Men Annual 9 by Art Adams, Chris Claremont and inked by Mignola/Milgrim. It was the comic that made me want to become a comic book artist. I would copy, trace and retrace panels and when I could, photocopy and blow them up to see them in grater detail. Later, as I wanted to improve my inking skills, I would use Vellum to practice inking on. I found a bunch of those, some I was shocked to look at because I was inking them at actual size. I could never do that now, I just don't have the patience.
So here they are, along with a few others like Art Adams HEROES FOR HOPE cover... at actual size.

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